About Business Club

We are developing and we want to move forward. We are very pleased to announce that GTK Gliwice has expanded its activities to include cooperation with Partner Business Clubs and that is how the GTK Gliwice Business Club was created. Thanks to this, GTK and our partners and sponsors will be able to integrate with companies from all over Poland, which are concentrated in various business clubs.
Thanks to this, entrepreneurs who have already decided to support GTK Gliwice, will be able to establish contacts and cooperation with other companies supporting sports in Poland from all over the country. For our club itself, it will also be an opportunity to win new partners and sponsors.
The project of Partners Business Clubs assumes the integration of companies on many levels, thanks to which they can expand their business not only locally but also globally. Interested entrepreneurs will participate in lunches or breakfasts, during which they can establish business contacts with club representatives and other companies participating in meetings.
Entrepreneurs who decide to join the program and establish cooperation with the club will be able to participate not only in regular meetings, but above all use the many tools offered by this platform.
The Business Club is just a platform for entrepreneurs from various industries. After joining the Club they can make contacts both in their area and on the national arena, and thus - they can effectively and quickly develop their businesses. In addition, the Business Club helps to raise funds for a sports club, in this case GTK Gliwice.
What benefits result from belonging to the Business Club?
- make new friends
- developing own companies
- various types of trips and integration meetings
- and most importantly, that is, we gain new clients for you
The first Business Lunch will take place on Thursday, September 19 at 12:00 at the Malinowski Hotel in Gliwice, ul. Portowa 4. We are already very cordially invited to it. All additional details will be provided later.
A few words about: what are Partner Business Clubs?
It is a nationwide project and involves the creation of Business Clubs at sports clubs. Business Club for entrepreneurs is an ideal place for establishing new business contacts, thanks to which companies increase sales of their products or services. As a result, the sports club gains new sponsors who, in addition to advertising and promotional services, also have business opportunities.
In addition, entrepreneurs participating in cyclical business meetings or trips integrate on many levels, thanks to which they develop their business not only locally but also globally. We have created several proprietary solutions that increase the number of transactions between Club members from a given business club, but also from other business clubs that are covered by the project of Partner Business Clubs.
What distinguishes PBC is the clubbers themselves. Nowhere else will you meet and do not establish business contacts with such companies that belong to business clubs in individual sports clubs. The success of this project is the combination of sport and business. But it's best to find out about it personally. That is why we invite you to regular meetings.
Key numbers:
20 clubs in Poland
Over 900 companies
PLN 55 billion turnover per year
Reaching out to 60,000 people - owners and employees