Jordan execute on GTK. Miasto Szkła win in Gliwice

Jordan execute on GTK. Miasto Szkła win in Gliwice

In the 29th minute of the match, Miasto Szkła Krosno led 68:54, but the ambitious attitude of the players from Gliwice allowed them not only to bring them to a leveling but also to take the lead (80:77). Opponent thanks to the duet, Charlie Westbrook and Johnathan Jordan, however, managed to change result one more time and win.
In the first match of the tournament played at the Small Arena, MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza won with BM Slam Stala Ostrów Wlkp. 79:69. In the second duel, the host of the tournament, GTK Gliwice and Miasto Szkła Krosno came out on the floor. Guests from the first minutes showed that they intend to advance to the final. Playing fast basketball based mainly on individual performances of the Americans, Mariusz Niedbalski’s team were already led by five points (12:17). Locals after missed long shot from distance moved closer to the basket, and there Damonte Dodd and Szymon Kiwilsza thanks to the physical advantage had no problems with getting points (20:20). After Myles Mack's three point shot, GTK won the first quarter (25:23).
After resuming the game from the good side Tin Williams, who played first time for his new team,  showed up very good performance. Thanks to his points, guests returned to the lead (29:38). Only when Mack took his hands in the end of this part of the game, the hosts managed to make up for the loss and take again the lead (44:43). Eventually, after the first half, players from the Miasto Szkła were better after Jordan Loveridge found the way to the basket.
The guests continued their good form after the break. Thanks to the 8:0 run, they jumped back to nine advantage points (44:53). GTK tried to change something in their game, but there was still a lot of inaccuracy. Simple losses and missed shots had multiplied. As the effect Mariusz Niedbalski’s team take a lead by 14 points (54:68). Brian Dawkins, who reduced losses to 10 points (58:68), hopes to hosts to fight for a favorable result in the last quarter.
Since the beginning of the fourth quarter, GTK has been making up for losses. A good fragment was recorded by Kacper Radwański. The Americans were effective and after the Dodd's points, the Gliwice players were losing only by one point (71:72). Finally, the team from Gliwice managed to achieve draw (75:75). The guests returned to the lead after nice move of Charlie Westbrook, but the locals dispersed not only quickly led to a draw, but also managed to take the lead (80:77). Westbrook led to the next balance, when he scored behind the arc (82:82). Paweł Turkiewicz's team had a chance for a winning throw, but Riley LaChance missed open shot. On the other side of the floor, Jordan carried out an effective action and gave his team led for less than two seconds before the end of the game. Once again LaChance tried to answer him, but again his shot was inaccurate.
On Saturday in the final at 4 PM, MKS will play with the Miasto Szkła, and at 7 PM in the match for the 3rd place GTK will meet with BM Slam Stal.

GTK Gliwice - Miasto Szkła Krosno 82:84 (25:23, 19:22, 14:23, 24:16)

Mack 18 (1x3), Radwański 17 (2x3), Piechowicz 6 (1x3), Dawkins 7 (1x3), Dodd 17 - Kiwilsza 8, LaChance 6, Robak 2, Słupiński 1, Szlachetka. Trener Paweł TURKIEWICZ.

Miasto Szkła: Westbrook 12 (3x3), Jordan 22 (1x3), Bojanowski, Loveridge 15 (2x3), Bogucki 2 - Williams 13, Put 9 (1x3), Grochowski 5 (1x3), Bogdanović 4, Oczkowicz 2, Krefft. Trener Mariusz NIEDBALSKI.

Results of friendlies games during the preparation period to the season 2018/2019:

GTK Gliwice - Górnik Trans.eu Wałbrzych 77:64
Polski Cukier Toruń - GTK Gliwice 89:66
Polski Cukier Toruń - GTK Gliwice 65:65
GTK Gliwice - BK Opawa 96:84
GTK Gliwice - Jamalex Polonia 1912 Leszno 91:72
BM Slam Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski - GTK Gliwice 80:71
GTK Gliwice - Dekstoni Turi Svitavy 104:89
BK NH Ostrawa - GTK Gliwice 85:86
GTK Gliwice - Miasto Szkła Krosno 82:84

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